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MicroNeedling Collagen Induction Therapy

The Revolutionary New Facial Treatment

More than just a passing trend, MicroNeedling is a proven way to boost your collagen production. A non-laser, non-surgical and non-chemical treatment that helps tighten skin, significantly diminishing deep facial lines, deep pitted acne scars and stretch marks with little or no down time. MicroNeedling will leave noticeable results and change the way you think about facial treatments. *MicroNeedling treatments are done in a series of 4-6 treatments.


Permanent Fat Loss in 28 Minutes

This localized therapy freezes and destroys fat cells with a notable difference even after your first visit or two. Cryoskin treatments offer three main benefits: slimming, toning and skin rejuvenation. This treatment also improves circulation and boosts collagen production leaving skin visibly tighter and smoother with a reduction in cellulite.

BB Glow

BB Glow Semi-Permanent BB Cream

Skin that is Glowing and Radiant

BB Glow is a painless tinted Nano-needling treatment that uses minerals in a patented serum to give your skin a natural-looking foundation. This treatment will minimize signs of aging, erase blemishes, brighten skin and under eyes, reduces skin pigmentation from sun exposure or acne scars, lighten freckles or other skin discoloration and even out your complexion. No downtime. Results last approximately 6 months. *Beauty Glow treatments are done in a series of 3-4 treatments.

Plasma Lift

Plasma Lift

An Innovative Anti-Aging Technology

"Plastic surgery will become obsolete and modalities like plasma will replace it."
Plasma Lift is a non-surgical non-invasive treatment that shrinks excess skin, bags and wrinkles. It is revolutionary in wrinkle smoothing and eyelid tightening, dramatically reducing hooded eyelids. Treatment areas include upper eyelids, lower eye bags, crows feet, upper and lower lip lines, naso-labial lines, neck, post pregnancy tummy and other lines and wrinkles.

Beauty Pen

Beauty Pen Hyaluron Filler

The Next Evolution of Fillers without the Injections

This Hyaluron Pen works with your body’s natural collagen production to create a natural look. Get the results you want - fuller lips, enhanced facial contours and no stubborn facial lines. Pain free with no downtime.

Cryo Pen

Cryo Probe Treatment

State-of-the-Art Treatment that Destroys Unwanted Lesions

The most effective and safest method for removal of sun spots, age spots, skin tags, verrucae, milia, cherry angiomas, scars, hyper resistant hyperpigmentation and other benign skin lesions on the skin. Treatment can be applied anywhere on the face or body. It is painless and will not damage or scar the skin.


Facial Treatments

Facials with Promising Results

From the Acne Eliminator to Microdermabrasion to the Hydro Facial, we offer an array of services to hydrate, calm and clarify your skin, eliminate sun damage, wrinkles, acne scarring, congested pores and so much more. Book a consultation to find the right solution for you.

Lash ExtensionsLash Lifts, Extensions and Tints

Offering the Hottest Trends in the Lash Industry

Luscious lashes in the blink of an eye.
Lash lifts  •  Lash tinting  •  Lash Extensions 


Natalie Sweeney

Meet Natalie

Owner, Skin Studio; ParaMedical Esthetician

Natalie is ready to take your skincare to the next level!

Natalie brings 16 years of Medical Esthetics experience to Ithaca. She has an array experience - from high end resorts spas, such as the Four Seasons, to various physicians offices, including plastic surgeons, to medical spa business consultation. She has been certified in Laser Tech for 10 years.

Natalie loves solving people's skin issues - she suffered with acne for years so she knows her clients' pain and frustration first hand. Helping boost someone's confidence and letting their inner beauty shine out rather then hiding behind makeup is a passion of hers. She takes skincare very seriously - her motto is serious skincare serious results and she stands by her word.
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